Saturday, November 14, 2009

Coupons, the Real Deal

Coupons have been around for years. Some of us have probably grown up watching our mother's carefully clip them out of the Sunday paper every week and never go to the store without them. Others have possibly only used a coupon for a BOGO (buy one get one free) meal at their favorite restaurant a few times. No matter your relationship with the infamous Coupon, one can still appreciate a good savings! So, here is the Real Deal on COUPONS.

Where can I get coupons?
Here, there and everywhere!

Subscribe to your local Sunday newspaper. Minus a few holiday papers, there is always at least one coupon insert in each paper. I suggest never paying more than $2 a paper.
You can purchase them. I know, it sounds counter-productive, but it actually can be extremely helpful!
The Coupon Master is one of my favorite places to buy coupons I need. They charge a few cents per coupon, which is covering their time to find and clip each one. Ordering coupons gives you the ability to get multiples of what you really need without having to buy extra papers! Search the Recycled! Where I live, on Wednesdays, the recycling bin for old newspapers is packed full of coupon inserts no one wanted. I exchange my paper for the inserts. Sometimes you have to really search - but it's worth it!
Get Coupons at the Store! Keep your eyes open for coupons throughout the aisles of the store your shopping in. Pick up a few and save for later if they're not usable then.
Online! restocks every month with new (and often very valuable) coupons that you can print out twice per computer. Many brand names offer coupons through their websites that you can also print.

Finally - you can do what I often do. Write into companies and explain to them that you are a coupon user and love their product. Many times they will send back an envelope full of great valuable coupons!

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Tracy said...

Your link to The coupon Master is not working.

Erin said...

I'm not sure why it isn't.. I can't seem to fix it??

Tracy said...

Erin, to fix your link, put http:// in front of it.