Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm back :)

Sorry for the hiatus there. I lost use of the computer for a while and then I was snowed in, so all the great deals were not that great because I couldn't get out to take advantage of them! However, now I'm back and ready to start sharing more great deals! I also started a "Diet Blog" in which I'm attempting to diet on a budget. So, check that out if you'd like as well!

In the spirit of wishing to enhance and better my life, I am going to go back over the budget with my husband this week and try to cut my spending down even more. I will update you with my goals for this year

If you're goal is to lower your spending, save extra money, stock up a pantry, etc, then there are a few things you need to do. It's a process, but it's worth it!

-Start getting the Sunday Paper (or asking for coupon inserts from someone who doesn't use them). Clip out all of the coupons that you want and need. Even if you aren't sure, it's better to have them then to NOT have them. Also, if you want, be on the lookout for the magazine All You. Every month thare are super valuable coupons through the magazine.

- Begin the process of organizing the coupons. I take envelopes, cut the tops off, label the envelopes and throw the coordinating coupons inside. Find a box, such as a recipe box, use some index cards as seperators and ta-da! It makes it SO much easier when you're planning your weekly shopping. Some people use folders to organize, but I prefer boxes. I've had to move up to a larger box which I bought from Refund Cents, but there are tons of other ways to organize them.

Catagories that I use are:
-Canned Goods
-Baking Needs
-Frozen Foods
-Cleaning Supplies
-Household Needs

I have a few more that are more precise, but these are the basic catagories I've always used. I also set aside a few envelopes for the local stores, so I don't lose any coupons for Target, Martins, etc.
So - if you haven't yet gone through this process, go ahead, set some time aside and do it! It makes it so much easier when next week's paper comes in or you find coupons throughout the week... they'll all have a place to go so you'll actually end up using them! All the coupons in the world aren't worth anything if they sit at home and expire!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Coupons 1/08

Here are some new Organic/Natural and other coupons for you!

$2/$5 Giant Stores Produce

$5/1 Bach Remedy "Emotional Eating Support Kit"

$1/1 Seventh Generation Diapers

$1/1 SoDelicious Dairy Free products

$0.50/1 Annie's Mac 'n' Cheese

$1/1 Dannon Light 'n' Fit

Organic Valley Coupons

Brown Cow Coupons

$0.75/1 Silk Soy Milk

$1/2 Lifeway Products

Tribe Hummus Coupons

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 Free Puritans Pride Moisturizing Sticks

You can get five free Vitamin E Moisturizing Sticks from Puritan's Pride right now. Here's how:

Go here and add the 5 for $5 option to your cart.

::Fill in your information on the checkout page and type in coupon code TE1QC1G. This should bring your total down to $0.00. You will need to input your credit/debit card information in order to check out, however, you will not be charged.