Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Every Day.

E: Do I have any clean clothes?
Me: Yes, in the dryer.
E: I don't want to have to take my clothes out of the dryer!
Me: Well, obviously neither did I.

S: When the baby jumps out, I will keep this stroller here so I can catch her in it.

Me: I'm sorry, husband, I don't know how your expensive watch got into a bowl of yogurt. In fact, I'm not even sure where this bowl of yogurt came from. The kids had waffles this morning.

E: *runs in holding a "sword" and shield (or chip and dip tray in it's alternate form)* I. AM. FOUR!
S: No, you're five!
E: NO, I'm FOUR! Look! My hammer and shield!
S: I don't understand!
Me: I think he means he's Thor, Sadie.
(I guess I'll have to work on their "th" sound.)

E: I'm so sorry mommy.
Me: For what? You slept like such a big boy!
E: No. I actually watched your movie with you last night in the reflection of the chandelier.
Me: .....

S: When the baby jumps out, I will stay here. And when she cries, I will tell her NO, BAD BABY! And put her outside with Roxy.

E: Mom. This car is a mess. I can't even find the things I dropped all over the floor!

S: When I was a baby, did you wish I was a power ranger, too?

S: Oh no! A Tomato!
E: It's TOWnato!
Me: It's TORnado!

E: No one can see my room until it is cleaned.
Me: Ok, then clean it.
E: Well, if I clean it, then Sadie will come in, and it won't be clean anymore.
Me: Like the rest of the house.
E: Yeah. Sadie's messy. Maybe she should just stay in her room from now on.


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