Tuesday, July 12, 2011

School Room

On the way to church Sunday morning, we passed a yard sale with a super cute dresser/hutch set painted rosy pink. We stopped and ended up buying it. It's super cute, in great condition and of course, PINK, which Sadie was ultra thrilled about. However, once we got it home, I realized that buying this new dresser would create a domino effect of cleaning and organizing on an otherwise "lazy Sunday". After some prodding, I convinced Adam that leaving the dresser set in the car was not a good idea, even if it was almost 100 degrees out and no one wanted to go outside. He set it up and ran back downstairs (to avoid the inevitable cleaning Sadie's room was going to need). When I went to do a basic wipe down, I realized that the dresser smelled like perfume and...smoke. Oh no. After almost two hours or scrubbing, vacuuming, and placing contact paper anywhere it could possibly go, I got the smell out. I think. I can't tell though because it still smells like dryer softener sheets.

At any rate, I am SO glad we bought it! It's much easier for Sadie to reach the top drawer and they are much lighter than her old one. I really want her to be able to dress herself, reach her clothes, put them away, etc. This is perfect. It also allows her to display her little treasures that she "does NOT want Ethan to ever.ever. touch". AND by rearranging her room, it gave the space to move the toy boxes from the "toy room" to her room and Ethan's room. SO... domino effect...

I now have an entire room I can dedicate to the "School Room"! I am So excited. I may or may not ever have a house that I will be able to do this in again, but I'm going to take the opportunity to do it here. It will give me a great start in learning to organize for school, AND it will force my dear husband to paint the walls in that room that are covered in... well, everything.

So, here's the first big step into organizing my life!

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